General requirements:

  • Education: completed studies or in the final year of the Master education;
    • Must have: Education background in: Economics, Finance, environmental economics, development economics, development studies or similar relevant field;
    • Advantage for those having international exposure: participation in international study programmes (bachelor/master/Erasmus/other), international working experience;
    • Advantage for those with high academic achievement, scholarships, awards, participation in conferences, publications in journals;
  • Experience:
    • Must have: At least 1-2 years of professional experience in the field of economics/finance, sustainable development, consultancy, project development and implementation, technical assistance or similar relevant activity;
    • Advantage: specialized internship (in fields similar to those described in the education requirements)
    • Advantage: for those participating in extra-curricular activities: participation in non-governmental organizations’ projects or activities, taking lead roles and initiatives in community development projects, participation environmental initiatives, volunteering;
  • Must have: high level of English proficiency, proven track record of language courses and certification and/or experience in working/studying in English;
  • Must have: writing skills, ability to communicate with Clients/to large audiences, analytical skills, creative and innovative thinking.

Specific tasks that might be performed at Green Partners:

Most tasks are multidisciplinary and carrying out the financial and economic tasks will often require a good understanding of the technical and policy issues in the sectors of energy, waste management, urban development, green economy.

  • Financial analysis and modeling of investment projects in infrastructure development projects, especially in waste management, energy efficiency, renewable energy; Including calculation of financial indicators;
  • Cost benefit analysis and gap analysis according to EU guidelines for obtaining grant financing
  • Studies on affordability, pricing and tariffing of public services
  • Studies and recommendations on financing schemes and economic instruments for ehancing green development
  • Credit worthiness analysis and financial due diligence at municipalities, understanding municipal budgeting and public fiscal policy
  • Costing and benchmarking costs in new technical developments in the field of energy, waste management and climate change
  • Contribution to the development of technical offers for national and international tenders and requests for proposals
  • Developing business plans, investment plans
  • Project evaluation
  • Client relationship and client management
  • Carrying out trainings for clients and beneficiaries

If you are interested, please send your English language CV to ciprian.popovici@greenpartners.ro  by 1st of November. The selecting procedure consists of the following steps:

  • analyzing received CV and selecting the relevant ones against the eligibility criteria
  • informing all applicants about the results of the selection process
  • interview with applicants whose CV has been selected
  • practical activity – GP team will prepare a small assignment that will need to be solved by the interviewed persons.

Looking forward to receiving your CV. More information about our company can be found at www.greenpartners.ro