Location: Romania
Client: UTB Envirotec Kft, Hungary
Duration: 2008 - 2009
Partners: UTB Envirotec Kft, Hungary
Origin of funding: UTB Envirotec Kft, Hungary

Green Partners signed a cooperation contract with UTB Envirotec Kft, Hungary for developing projects in Romania in the field of wastewater treatment and co-generation systems from biogas. Our co-generation systems were best applied to farms that have a problem with manure management, sludge and other wastes from slaughterhouse. Green Partners has done a market research, establish contact with farms in the region and facilitate communication with possible clients. We contacted Ave Impex – poultry farm from Satu Mare, which was our most potential beneficiary. We conducted negotiations, assisted the UTB experts for preparing the technical offer and prepared the project for subsidy proposal. Coordination and project management were also Green Partner’s tasks.

Technical assistance projects