Location: Romania
Client: Private company
Duration: March 2018 – ongoing
Origin of funding: Private company

The industrial client contracted us to overtake the environmental responsibility for operations in all company locations. The company’s activity includes three quarries and two brick-making factories in the north-western part of Romania. Our activity entails all matters related to environmental aspects of the company’s activity, such as:

  • Keeping and reporting waste and packaging waste records;
  • GHG emissions estimation and reporting;
  • Monitoring and interpretation of environmental emissions to air, soil, water and groundwater;
  • Keeping environmental, water and GHG permits and authorizations up to date;
  • Consultancy services related to potential environmental impact or benefits of company’s development projects;
  • Maintaining the environmental management system and performing internal audits;
  • Internal training of company staff on environmental management aspects;
  • General environmental housekeeping and regular site-visits to company locations;
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification activities related to the company’s environmental management practices.
Environmental consultancy projects