Location: Romania
Client: Municipalities/Private clients
Duration: May 2014 – March 2015
Partners: Green Partners, SERVELECT, Loisir Consulting, EnergoBit ESCO, ModernBAU, Secpral Pro, PlanWerk
Origin of funding: own resources

The establishment of CREESC is a big step in the continuous process of developing and consolidating the emergence of the EE and ESCO market in Romania. Currently EE services are mainly provided in a separate manner by different actors on the EE market, that is engineering companies, renewable technology providers, HVAC experts, construction companies, financing experts. The number one objective of CREE is to mange to bring all these experts under a platform that can create the basis for establishing EE integrated solution and provide capacity building for both public and private sector.

The organization has obtained its legal status and performs activities such as EE expert panel, participation in public consultations related to EE, promotion of EE/EnPC/ESCO concepts among private and public entities, provision of technical assistance to public authorities, energy auditing, etc.

In terms of supporting local authorities with the development of project documentation prior to the applying for EU funding, CREESC is currently establishing a pipeline of projects for the Municipality of Cluj. The project involves a mix of expertise, going from EE engineering, construction, architecture, financing, and institutional expertise.

Environmental consultancy projects