Location: Romania
Client: EBRD
Duration: February - May 2012
Partners: ALLPLAN, Austria
Origin of funding: EBRD

Our involvement in the project was aimed at supporting the central district heating company in Brasov to develop a feasibility study in the process of modernizing their system.
The activities performed by our team were divided between the financial analysis performed by our financial expert, and the environmental and social assessment. Financial analysis included:
– the projection of demand for district heating,
– affordability analysis,
– tariffing and analysis of alternative heating options in the city.

The social and environmental assessment included tasks like:
– data collection and interpretation,
– impact assessment,
– identification of the area of influence,
– preparation of the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) and
– preparation of the Stakeholders Engagement Plan, in accordance with 2008 EBRD’s policies.

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