Location: Kant, Kyrgistan
Client: EBRD, Kant Vodokanal
Duration: March - April 2012
Partners: Holinger Switzerland
Origin of funding: EBRD

The objective of this assignment is to back-up the local and international social experts in developing a feasibility study on modernisation of the water system in Kant city. The feasibility study is prepared in line with EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy. Tasks:
– Methodological guidance on collection and interpretation of primary data sources.
– Field visits for data collection of existing legislative, socio-economic data relevant to the proposed investment and for Consultations with the key stakeholders for obtaining supplementary data.
– Preparing the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) based on the baseline review and all the collected and processed data about the project’s impacts.
– Preparing an Stakeholders Engagement Plan according to EBRDs policies.

Environmental consultancy projects