Location: Tajikistan
Client: Holinger/ EBRD
Duration: January - June 2014
Origin of funding: EBRD

The objective of the assignment was to prepare the Environmental and Social Impact assessment of the priority investment programme (PIP) for water and waste water rehabilitation project in Khujand city, Tajikistan. We have been assigned to prepare an E&S Audit of the corporate management and Human Resources practices, existing facilities and operations of the Company; prepare an E&S Analysis of potential environmental, social and gender issues associated with the PIP components to assess the potential environmental and community impacts and develop mitigation measures and climate change adaptation needs; identify opportunities associated with the Priority Investment Programme (“PIP”) components to ensure that the potential benefits are equitably shared between both men and women as well as being accessible to vulnerable groups; identify the EBRD Performance Requirements (“PRs”) (1 to 6, 8 and 10) that are relevant to investments and the Company’s current operations as well as determining to what extent these are met; preparation of the ESAP based on the findings of the above points and mitigation measures proposed.

Environmental consultancy projects