Location: Green Partners office, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Client: Djadadji EOOD in 2010, BECO Netherlands in 2011
Duration: March - July 2010, August 2011
Partners: Ecofys
Origin of funding: DG Climate, European Commission

The goal of the project was to evaluate the level of development and implementation of European directives and national legislation regarding climate change in Romania. Our task was to provide an overview of and an assessment of the different policies of EU member states that affect GHG emissions, to contribute to the national, EU-wide and international policy debate. The model used by us was applied to 15 member states and for an additional 12 countries a simplified method was applied. We have analysed the climate policies in all policy areas that influence emissions. Policies on renewable energy and energy efficiency were considered separately in more detail. The analyses were performed for individual sectors: energy production, industry, buildings, transport, agriculture and forestry. The Policy Tracker was first developed in 2010 and updated in 2011.

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