Location: Republic of Maldives, Malé, and 8 islands of the Northern Province
Client: National Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Environment, Housing and Transport, Government of Maldives
Duration: December 2009 – May 2010
Partners: Waste Foundation from the Netherlands, Live and Learn Foundation from the Maldives
Origin of funding: International Development Agency of the World Bank , Maldives Environmental Management Project

The task was “Developing a User Pays Framework for Island Waste Management” in the Maldives, a part of the Maldives Environmental Management Project that relates to modernizing waste management in the North Province of the Maldives. The scope of the specific assignment was to develop a User Pays Framework for island waste management that allows for maximum cost recovery while taking into account affordability and ensuring the desired level of services, based on a policy that everything that can be managed on the islands should be managed on the islands. The User Pays Framework Model consists of the final report, a set of excel based economic models for fee setting, a guideline for using the excel models, and a board game to be used as a communication tool with the island communities. The User Pay Framework was developed in preparation for the upcoming 13 million USD investment for modernizing Waste Management in the Northern Province of the Maldives.

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