Location: Green Partners office in Cluj-Napoca, Gouda, The Netherlands and Cairo, Egypt
Client: WASTE Foundation, the Netherlands
Duration: May 2009 – February 2010
Partners: Over 30 international solid waste experts and organizations
Origin of funding: UN HABITAT, Nairobi, Kenya

Green Partners participated as solid waste expert in conceptualizing, coordinating and co-authoring the book entitled Waste in the World’s Cities, the third in the series of UN HABITAT’s publication on urban sanitation. Our role was participating in the development of the methodology for data and information gathering in the 22 study cities and writing the subchapter on Sustainable Financing of Waste Management in the book. The book was launched at the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, March 2010. The book can be ordered directly from Earthscan via: http://www.earthscan.co.uk/?tabid=102382 and the voucher code AF20, Earthscan will give any customers a 20% discount when they order on Earthscan’s website.

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