• Environmental audits based on international and national requirements
  • GHG impact assessment of investment projects
  • Expert support for the environmental permitting process
  • Expert support for environmental compliance for clients
  • Environmental Impact Assessment reviews and monitoring
  • Project investment analysis
  • Market research and customer satisfaction studies
  • Pricing and tariffing of environmental services
  • Analysis of suitability of economic instruments
  • Assessments of the economic implications of environmental and social impacts
  • Cost and financing models
  • Social impact assessment and social risks assessment
  • Social due diligence
  • Stakeholder engagement plans
  • Livelihood restoration plans, resettlement framework strategies and resettlement action plans
  • Monitoring services for measuring the performance
  • Market research and development of business plans
  • Support in development of bidding documentation, technical terms of reference and eligibility criteria
  • Support in development of environmental or quality certification
  • Support in preparing environmental permit applications, environmental statements and reports
  • Strategies, Action Plans, Feasibility Studies, Project and corporate policies
  • Policy analysis, monitoring and assessment
  • Research and advice on implementation norms and procedures for legislation and policy
  • Gaps between lender organizations’ policies and national policies identification
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