We are often involved in development of governance in our fields of expertise. We assist our clients and beneficiaries to go from vision to implementation.

Strategies, Action Plans and Feasibility Studies

As urbanization is growing, it is a challenge for government to ensure livable environments in cities and maintain good infrastructure and services in the low income and scarcely populated rural areas. We develop strategies, action plans and feasibility studies for municipal infrastructure projects.

We go through participative strategy development and planning processes and work with a well-developed team of technical, institutional, financial and social experts to ensure affordability, cost-efficiency and sustainability of the solutions and investment projects we develop.

Policy development

We are often involved in policy work, including programming and strategy development in waste management, climate change, social protection and energy efficiency. We also perform ex post and ex ante evaluations of policy and legislation, contributing to a more effective and efficient policy implementation.

Activities performed:

  • Policy analysis, monitoring and assessment
  • Research and advice on implementation norms and procedures for legislation and policy
  • Identifying gaps between lender organizations’ policies and national policies, including ways to overcome them
  • Developing project and corporate policies for environmental and social protection
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