Location: Georgia
Client: EBRD/ Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Ministry of Economy
Duration: March - May 2015
Origin of funding: EBRD/ Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Ministry of Economy

EBRD has assigned us to prepare a R-LRF, in line with PR5 of the EBRD’s ESP (2008). This included the following:

  • Identification of potential physical and economic losses caused by the Project at both the proposed landfill site and the existing landfill, which is to be closed;
  • Define eligibility for inclusion in the R-LRF;
  • Identification of high level gaps between local laws and EBRD’s PR5, which will need to be addressed by the Project;
  • Confirmation of the entitlement measures that ensure those affected are able to restore their livelihoods and obtain replacement / compensation for losses;
  • Identification of project stakeholders and prepare a plan for engagement activities during the development and implementation of the detailed Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)/Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP); and
  • Agreeing on the content of the R-LRF and RAP/LRP with the Client.
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