Location: Slovakia
Client: EBRD/ Ministry of Transport of Slovakia
Duration: August - October 2015
Partners: Van Zyl Consulting Limited
Origin of funding: EBRD

The key tasks of the Assignment were to:

  • Determine the degree and nature of impact and vulnerability/livelihood status of project affected persons;
  • Undertake a targeted Rapid Social Survey, summarise key findings and recommendations;
  • Prepare a LARF in line with PR5 of the EBRD’s ESP (2014) and in agreement with the Bank;
  • Identify the principles, procedures, and institutional responsibilities for the development of a more detailed Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and/or Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP); and
  • Confirm high level entitlement measures that ensure those affected are able to secure the replacement of their land/assets and/or otherwise restore their livelihoods and obtain compensation for losses.
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