We have experience in impact assessments and audits in various industrial sectors, including renewable energy, oil and gas, automotive industry, metal processing, production of electronics, food industry, mining, wood processing and agriculture.
A bulk of our experiences are in the municipal infrastructure and service development, including waste management, district heating, water and waste water projects. Our environmental assessment services are the following

Environmental audits based on international and national requirements

Green Partners strength is a vast experience in working with the standards of International Financing Institutions, including the World Bank, IFC and EBRD. We also regularly help multinational companies to comply with national environmental legislation, or ISO 14000 standard through internal or external audits.We perform:

  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence studies such as Environmental and Social Audits for new investments.
  • Environmental and Social Audits for credit granting.

These studies include the preparation of documents such as: Gap Matrixes, Environmental and Social Action Plans, Audit Report and Stakeholders Engagement Plans. This package of documents is performed in the name of national/regional/local authorities or international donors.

GHG impact assessment of investment projects

GHG Impact Assessment of Investment Projects is part of the assessment services we do. We carry out these assessments either based on IFI standards, GHG protocol or equivalent. We perform:

  • Evaluations of the GHG mitigation potential and emission reduction plans for               projects/companies according to World Bank, EBRD and UNFCCC procedures and methodologies.
  • GHG inventories and procedures under EU-ETS, based on the GHG Protocol, voluntary compliance schemes and carbon disclosure initiatives.
  • JI/CDM project development, including PIN, PDD based on CDM methodologies, obtaining letters of approval, registration of project at the EB, investment scheme, monitoring and reporting, representing the client for determination, verification and validation.
  • Vulnerability assessments and developing adaptation strategy.
  • Applied research for policy and methodology development for national allocation plans and project-based mechanisms.

The main sectors we have experience in include various waste to energy projects, oil and gas and renewable energy. We have also been involved in strategy writing for carbon mitigation and adaptation strategies for sectors, regions and at the national level.

Expert support for the environmental permitting process

We provide expert support for the environmental permitting process, assisting clients from the phase of screening, scoping, to conducting assessment. We perform:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment reviewsand monitoring.

The activities we perform include data collection, desk review, on site assessment, analysis of environmental impacts and writing the reports.

We represent clients in discussions with the technical committee of authorities. We are able to learn the ins and outs of a project quickly and have often joined projects at an advanced stage or when there was a bottleneck to be unlocked.

We organize and deliver trainings and workshops for our clients to increase their in house capacity in environmental management, obtaining certification, preparing for an external audit or implementing international standards.

Expert suport for environmental compliance for clients

We perform:

  • Legal registries for environmental compliance for clients.

Companies requesting this service are in general multinational companies that want to find out if their internal procedures are compliant with the national legislation or want to be continuously updated about legal requirements that are relevant to their activities.

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